For investors residing in Australia, the most accurate and relevant term to describe investors with special access to financial products is a "Wholesale Investor".

If you meet the criteria for one or more of the categories listed below (summarised from the AUS Corporations Act 2001), you are considered to be a Wholesale Investor.

There are a variety of ways to qualify as a Wholesale Investor:

  1. You're a "Sophisticated Investor" because you have net assets of at least $2,500,000 AUD, or you have gross income for each of the last 2 financial years of at least $250,000 AUD a year. To qualify under this criteria, you will need to complete the Jasper Sophisticated Investor Certificate and have it certified by an independent and qualified accountant (unless you meet one of the other criteria below).

  2. You control at least $10 million AUD (including any amount held by an associate or under a trust that you manages) for the purpose of investment in securities.

  3. You are a licensed or exempt dealer and acting as principal.

  4. You are a regulated superannuation fund, an approved deposit fund, a pooled superannuation trust, or a public sector superannuation scheme within the meaning of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 if the fund, trust or scheme has net assets of at least $10 million AUD.

  5. You are regulated by APRA (other than a trustee of a superannuation fund, an approved deposit fund, a pooled superannuation trust or a public sector superannuation scheme).

  6. You are a body registered under the Financial Corporations Act 1974.

  7. You are a listed entity or a related body corporate of a listed entity.

  8. You are an exempt public authority.

  9. You are a body corporate or an unincorporated body that carries on a business of investment in financial products, interests in land or other investments, and for those purposes invests funds received following an offer or invitation to the public where the terms of the offer provided for the funds subscribed to be invested for those purposes.

  10. You are a foreign entity that, if established or incorporated in Australia, would be covered by one of the preceding paragraphs.

  11. You are investing $500,000 AUD or more.

It is a simple online process to become a wholesale investor on the Jasper platform if you qualify, instructions can be found here.

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