Some of Jasper's investment opportunities will only be made available to Accredited Investors. An accredited investor is an investor who is allowed to invest in opportunities that may not be registered with local financial authorities. It's an easy process to become accredited if you qualify.

You can become an accredited investor on the Jasper platform using a view simple steps:

1. Login to your Jasper account (if you don't have an account already you will need to register)

2. Locate your settings using the account dropdown in the top right hand corner of the screen.

3. Locate the "Accreditations" tab in the settings sub menu

4. Follow the on screen prompts and select your appropriate eligibility criteria.

5. Based on the criteria that applies to you, you may be asked to supply contact information for your chosen Qualified Accountant, Lawyer or Authorised Financial Adviser.

6. We will automatically email you (and your adviser if applicable) with a link to sign the required certificate digitally.

7. Once you have digitally signed the certificate, your accreditation will automatically appear in your dashboard.

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