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What information do I need, to complete account setup?
What information do I need, to complete account setup?

An overview of the documents and information you will need on hand to complete account setup.

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After entering some basic information you can start viewing investment opportunities immediately. However, before you invest for the first time you will need to complete the account setup process.

To do this, you will need various information and documents on hand, what documents you need vary depending on whether you invest as an Individual, Company, Trust or Partnership.

Investing as an Individual

Investing as a Company

Investing as a Trust

Investing as a Partnership

  • Valid Passport or Drivers License

  • Personal tax identification number

  • Proof of address document (only if your address doesn't automatically validate)

  • Partnership name & registration number (if available)

  • Partnership tax identification number (if available)

  • Documents relating to the establishment of the partnership

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