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How and when are properties within a fund valued?
How and when are properties within a fund valued?

This article explains how Jasper assets are valued and reported.

Written by Christian Lambert
Updated over a week ago

While Jasper calculates the Unit Price of our Funds on a monthly basis, the most impactful part of this calculation, the value of each asset (property) within the fund, is typically determined on a quarterly basis (at the descretion of Jasper).

Jasper uses an independent registered third-party to complete a market valuation of each asset. When completing the assessment, valuers take into account:

  • Location & site details

  • Building services & structural integrity

  • Tenant covenant & lease profile

  • Projected net cash flows discounted at a rate appropriate to its risk profile

  • Capitalisation rates & occupancy

  • Comparable sales, leasing and other market benchmarks

It's also important to recognise that private asset valuation isn't an exact science. Valuers commonly use a combination of Discounted Cashflow and Income Capitalisation analysis. While both approaches represent a comprehensive and best-practice valuation methodology, they are based on a variety of assumptions inherently involving an element of forecasting and a subjective evaluation of risk factors.

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