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What is an acceptable document to verify my address?
What is an acceptable document to verify my address?

A guide to supplying proof of address documentation

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We accept the following as a proof of address:

  • Utility bills

  • Bank/credit card statements

  • Drivers Licenses (This must show your address)

  • Documents issued by a Government agency

The documents must be no more than 6 months old, must be addressed to you, and show the address that you signed up to Jasper with. We accept electronic bank statements or bills.

What if I don’t have the documents on me?
If you don’t have a document ready to upload during account setup, you can skip the address verification step. You’ll just have to verify your address before you can invest.

What happens if I don't verify my address?
If your address isn't verified, you'll still be able to log in, but you won't be able to invest through our platform until it's verified.

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