REIT's and Jasper have some similarities, they both offer diversification away from traditional asset classes, they both pool capital from multiple investors to lower the barrier to entry and improve diversification, and they both improve liquidity by offering investors the ability to exit their positions before the end a projected hold period.

Jasper, however, has some key advantages:

Asset level control - With Jasper investors can select the markets, locations and properties they prefer, they have absolute control on a deal by deal basis. REIT investors have no choice over the investments made by the REIT managers, and there is less transparency about the underlying investment properties.

Improved Transparency - Although REITs have strict reporting guidelines, most investors know very little about the properties in a REIT portfolio or the fees applied at the property level. Jasper provides our investors with absolute clarity on every property they invest in, and the associated fees.

Lower volatility - REIT prices are moving in near lock-step with equity markets; this means they are subject to the same broader market volatility. Direct property ownership through Jasper offers significantly lower volatility than equity markets.

We believe the Jasper model combines the best qualities of both direct property ownership and REITs to create a new and better way to invest in commercial real estate.

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