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What ID do you need to sign up for Jasper?
What ID do you need to sign up for Jasper?

This article details what forms of ID are accepted and what countries we currently support, when signing up to Jasper.

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What documents are supported?

Financial regulations require us to verify your identity document details when creating a Jasper account. When confirming your identity during the registration process, we accept two forms of legal identification.

  • A current drivers license 

  • A current passport

What countries are supported?

Jasper is currently only able to verify and accept user ID's from the below list of countries, with plans to expand these soon. 

  • New Zealand

  • Australia

If you are an investor from outside these jurisdictions and are keen to invest, please contact Mat Harvie - Head of Investor Relations at [email protected] or use the chat function on our website.

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