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What is Jasper's investment process when selecting properties?
What is Jasper's investment process when selecting properties?

This article outlines the process our investment team follows when selecting properties.

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Jasper takes a fundamental, value-driven approach to investing. Through our network of partners we seek to identify commercial real estate opportunities that offer attractive risk-adjusted returns. 

We fully underwrite each opportunity that meets our initial criteria in order to mitigate risk and develop a clear understanding of an investment’s potential. We typically perform diligence on:

  • Asset: Business plan, tenancy, structure, capital, environmental and legal review

  • Market: Demographics, supply and demand conditions, comparable transactions, 

  • Operator: Experience, track record, operating platform

Our investment team has extensive investment experience leading some of the world’s largest property funds for established firms such as Blackstone & Goodman. Collectively they have overseen over 1000 transactions for more than $9B worth of institutional-grade real estate. We have an Investment Committee which reviews and approves all transactions presented by the acquisitions team.

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